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  • Airpump AP-series

    New series high pressure air pumps. The air pumps have a compact size and a low power consumption. They have a low noise operation.

  • Autofocus Beamo module

    This module will make your Beamo autofocus by itself so you’ll never have to manually change the height again.

    The Autofocus IS NOT compatible with the Beambox and Beambox Pro

  • Beam Air filter

    Our Beam Air filter has been upgraded with an extra layer of filter for extra protection and cleaner air.

    The filter is easy to install on your Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro. Your filter is ready to plug and use without any necessities.

    The Beam Air filter has 4 layers of filter (replacement time):

    • Pre-Filter (10-30 hours)
    • Medium efficiency filter (50-150 hours)
  • Cone Spacers

    10 per package. With strong magnet, it can easily adsorbed on the laser honeycomb and protecting your material from laser reflection or heating damage.

  • Honey Comb Platform (30 W) Beamo

    This is a Honey Comb Platform (30 W) for your Beamo.

  • Honey Comb Platform (40 W) Beambox

    This is a Honey Comb Platform (40 W) for your Beambox.

  • Honey Comb Platform (50 W) Beambox Pro

    This is a Honey Comb Platform (50 W) for your Beambox Pro.

  • Honeycomb working table (50cm x 30cm)

    A honeycomb bed for CO2 laser machine is an optional component that can be used in combination with a CO2 laser. A honeycomb bed ensures that the workpiece is better supported compared to the knives that are supplied as standard. This makes the workpiece flatter and when small pieces are cut out, they remain in place instead of falling into …

  • Purex FumeCube PRO

    Fume Extraction System supplied with one 38mm stainless steel arm with pen nib nozzle which can be simply attached to the workbench by using a versatile clamp bracket. If the work area moves, the Fume-Cube can be relocated in minutes.

  • Radiator Water Chiller

    This water chiller keeps the laser tube cool and is essential for repeatable professional cut and engraving quality.

  • Rotary Extention Beambox & Beambox Pro

    With this easy to install add-on you can engrave on circular objects with ease.

  • Rotary Extention beamo

    This is an add-on for the beamo to engrave circular objects.

    The add-on serves as an extended base for your Beamo, increasing the maximum material height from 45mm to 105mm.

    The diameter range it can hold is 8mm to 90mm, anything from a pen to a 30oz tumbler is your work piece.