We bring the maker movement to your library

Although many librarians, library visitors and local authorities are convinced of the added value of a makerspace, the practical implementation proves to be a barrier that is often difficult to overcome.

Met FabLib – short for fabrication library- we want to lower this threshold. We do this by offering an all-in-one package, consisting of:

  • all kinds of digital fabrication devices such as a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, 3D printer, microbit and electronics
  • an online learning platform with excellent learning materials, videos, making activities, etc.
  • qualitative training programs
  • online support, and maintenance of your devices.

Want to start a makerspace in your library? Read on to discover our FabLib package.

What's in the FabLib package?

Vinyl Cutter

The Brother ScanNCut is a unique cutting machine: if you can draw it, you can cut it! You can scan your own drawings or prints and easily turn them into cut patterns, all without a computer.

Vacuum former

With the vacuum former you can make molds in a few seconds. Bringing your next idea to life has never been easier. The vacuum former opens up a new perspective in combination with the 3D printer. This way you can replicate 3D objects in any material.

3D printer

The Sindoh 3DWOX1 3D printer is by far the most intriguing machine in the FabLib package. It allows you to go from a 3D file (that you can design yourself or download from multiple of online libraries) to a tangible 3D object.


With the micro:bit you step into the world of coding and robotics. Bring your own creations alive and build the most fantastic interactive projects such as game- controllers and robots.


To explore even more possibilities with micro: bit, we have now combined it with DFRobot's Boson modules, a set of modularized electronic blocks suitable for children to start their hands-on creations.


DFRobot Micro: Maqueen Micro: Bit Robot Platform is an educational and graphical programming robot for STEM education, which receives playability and simple operation of micro: bit.

Laser cutter

The FabCore laser cutter is one of the most commonly used machines in makerspaces. Designs created in 2D can be cut, engraved or rasterised in wood, acrylic, cardboard and textile.

CNC Machine

With the CNC Machine you can create prototypes, make jewelry, mill 3D objects, ... using materials like wood and metal. This machine is an added value for those who are already good at laser cutting and 3D printing and want to take creating to the next level.

Embroidery Machine

The embroidery machine allows you to personalise clothing and other textiles by adding your own design or text. Using conductive wire, you can step into the innovative world of e-textiles.

LMS: LearnMakeShare

The LearnMakeShare environment contains numerous DIY projects consisting of hands-on activities, video’s, tutorials, on designing with the build-in software and creating with the machines of the FabLib package, ... The LMS can be used in the library, but as it is an online learning platform, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Custom made package?

Want more information about the package and our online learning system? Contact us!

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