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  • Carbide 3D Bits

    These mills are the bread and butter of 3D machining. They’re great for cutting complex, organic surfaces.

  • MC Etcher – Diamond Drag Bit

    MC Etcher is our new diamond drag bit. It is perfect for fine line engraving on composites, metals, and glass.

    MC Etcher drags a diamond-coated, spring-loaded tip over the surface of your material to create an etched or engraved pattern, it does not cut with flutes like a normal endmill.

    IMPORTANT: The drag engravers are not meant to rotate so the spindle …

  • McFly Surfacing Cutter

    The Carbide 3D McFly Cutter will make light work of any lumber thrown at it.

    The razor-sharp, indexable carbide tips are perfect for surfacing your wasteboard or finishing up that beautiful end grain cutting board you’ve been working on.

    Each bit comes with 4 indexable inserts. Replacement carbide inserts are available separately (#604E).

    This tool is designed for wood only, it is not …

  • Nomad MDF Wasteboard (Qty 4)

    Mount a wasteboard to your table if you need to cut flat stock without worrying about cutting though and ruining your table underneath. These wasteboards a made of 1/2″ MDF and have holes and countersinks premachined to make it easy to mount right to the Nomad 883 & Nomad Pro.

  • Shapeoko Maintenance Kit

    Keep your Shapeoko up and running with this maintenance kit. Broke a V-wheel? Need a new belt? Eccentrics worn out? This kit will get you fixed up and running in no time!

  • Shapeoko Threaded Inserts

    These inserts are great for easy and flexible work holding solutions.