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  • Low Profile Vise

    Carbide3D makes this vise from scratch, in-house, specifically for the Nomad

  • Nomad Collets

    If you’d like to use a larger tool in your Nomad, this collet and nut will let you use tools with a .25″ shank. The extra collet nut included will let you quickly switch between collets without having to remove them from the collet nut.

  • Nomad Flip Jig

    The Nomad Flip Jig allows you to cut both sides of a part while maintaining perfect alignment.

    The Flip Jig is precision machined to mount to the Nomad 3 table. It uses the built-in machine calibration to make it easy to locate it on the table (no edge finders required).

    The Flip Jig is made to hold stock that’s just under 3″x5″ …

  • Nomad Threaded Table

    If you need more ways to hold material in your Nomad, this is for you.

    The Threaded Table is approximately 1/2″ thick and contains over 50 M6x1 threaded holes in it.