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What is vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming is a large industrial process traditionally found in factories. With the FormBox, we’ve made it simple and small enough to fit on your tabletop.

From concrete plant pots to customised chocolates, the FormBox has a whole host of different applications.

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Industrial Grade Vacuum Forming on Your Desktop
The FormBox can pick up even the finest details of your design. Bring the power of the factory to your desktop today.

Accellerate Your Making
No more waiting. Speed up your process and see your products come alive. The Mayku FormBox is a simple, quick solution to developing your creations.

Small Package, Big Power
The FormBox has been crafted to fit perfectly into your workspace. Packing the power to create a factory finish in a matter of minutes.
The ceramic heater has a range of 160c to 340c, preparing your plastic to form whilst carefully placed fans keep the FormBox running cool.
A super fine mesh increases airflow to the 3D shape, placed on the bed, made from pressed steel for extra strength.

Precision Control
There aren’t any mystery buttons or complicated settings. Simple means smart – and with the FormBox it’s never been easier to get the exact finish you want.
Time and temperature control give you the freedom to adjust the temperature for the material you’re using.

Simple by Design
We’ve meticulously designed the FormBox to fit with your life and your ambitions – so you can focus on bringing your next big idea to life
A tray click and handle design, with cast aluminum hinges, in one single mechanism ensures using the FormBox is as easy as possible.

It’s all in the Details
The FormBox picks up texture finer than a grain of sand – so you get all those little details you need to stand out from the crowd.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 53 × 35 × 42 cm


Size and Weight

Height 315mm
Length (With Handles) 466mm
Width 274mm
Forming bed 200mm x 200mm
Draw Depth 130mm
Weight 13kgs


Temp range of the built-in heater is 160C – 340C.

The metal can get quite hot, so to keep you safe, we’ve lined the front and back top edges next to the heater with two silicone strips.

We’ve also added supportive guide rails on each side of the ceramic heater for safety in transit.




Setup guide for the Mayku FormBox

Formbox for Educators

In Box

  • Mayku FormBox
  • 20 Transparent Cast Sheets
  • 20 White Form Sheets
  • Three Starter Projects
  • One kilogram of casting material
  • Mayku two-year extended warranty
  • Universal vacuum adaptor
  • A plug for your region

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