Summer camps

In collaboration with the libraries of Bilzen, Stekene and Maaseik, we are organising several summer camps.  Each camp always consists of 5 half-days and will be partly organised by us online. 

Reserve your tickets here for: 

  • Bilzen: Tickets here
  • Stekene: Tickets here 
  • Maaseik: Tickets available via mail: Send your mail to

CAMP 1: Build a game controller!

Do you like games and programming? Then this is for you! Make your own electronic connections and connect your microbit to perform the craziest experiments! After some experiments we will build our own game controller! Use your microbit to control your own characters in the game!

12-16 july / 9u00 – 12 uur Library Bilzen

26-30 july / 9u00 – 12 uur  Library Maaseik

CAMP 2: Make your own board game!

Design your board game and bring it all the way to life with the digital tools in the library. Create a logo with a drawing program, 3D print your own pawns, make your own stickers with the vinyl cutter to finalize the box and much more!

 Do you like to play games and would you like to work with the Fablib machines yourself? Then this camp is definitely something for you!

9-13 aug / 9u00 – 12 uur Library Bilzen

23-27 aug / 9u00 – 12 uur Library Maaseik & Bibliotheek Stekene