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  • DeWALT Collet&Nut

    This is a precision 1/8″ of 1/4″ collet and nut for the Dewalt DWP611 which will allow you to use end mills with an 1/8″ of 1/4″ shank.

    If you own a Shapeoko 3 and you want to use smaller end mills with your Dewalt trim router, this collet is for you!

    This collet is American made from US Alloy steel.

    (bits shown …

  • DeWALT router D26200

    The electronic speed control ensures a consistently uniform fine finish in all types of wood, aluminum and plastic because the set speed remains constant under any load.

  • Low Profile Vise

    Carbide3D makes this vise from scratch, in-house, specifically for the Nomad

  • Nomad Collets

    If you’d like to use a larger tool in your Nomad, this collet and nut will let you use tools with a .25″ shank. The extra collet nut included will let you quickly switch between collets without having to remove them from the collet nut.

  • Nomad Flip Jig

    The Nomad Flip Jig allows you to cut both sides of a part while maintaining perfect alignment.

    The Flip Jig is precision machined to mount to the Nomad 883 table. It uses the built-in machine calibration to make it easy to locate it on the table (no edge finders required).

    The Flip Jig is made to hold stock that’s just under 3″x5″ …

  • Nomad Threaded Table

    If you need more ways to hold material in your Nomad, this is for you.

    The Threaded Table is approximately 1/2″ thick and contains over 50 M6x1 threaded holes in it.

  • Nomad Threaded Table Clamps (4 QTY)

    Aluminum Clamps for the Nomad Threaded Table. Use these clamps to secure your material anywhere on the board.

  • Shapeoko 3 – Expansion Packs

    Convert your standard Shapeoko 3 to a Shapeoko XL or Shapeoko XXL.

    Cutting Area (XL): 33″(X), 17″(Y), 3″(Z)
    Cutting Area (XXL): 33″(X) x 33″(Y) x 3″(Z)

  • Shapeoko BitSetter

    The Carbide3D BitSetter is an automatic tool offset probe for your Shapeoko that makes it easy to run jobs using multiple tools without the need to stop and re-zero manually.

  • Shapeoko BitZero

    The BitZero allows you to quickly identify job zero (X, Y, and Z) by running the probing feature found in Carbide Motion.

  • Shapeoko Gator Tooth Clamps

    A high-quality and versatile clamp with some serious bite!

    The Gator Tooth Clamp is an ultra low profile clamp, designed to be used in a variety of ways.

  • Shapeoko Sweepy Dust Boot

    Sweepy is our very own compact dust boot, made from clear polycarbonate.