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  • 20 mm Molybdenum (MO) Mirror

    Extremely durable mirrors which make for a hassle free laser cutting experience.

    This mirror is specifically made for the FabCore

  • Acrylic 3mm

    6 clear acrylic sheets and six colored acrylic sheets (opal, yellow, red, blue, green and black).

  • Airpump AP-series

    New series high pressure air pumps. The air pumps have a compact size and a low power consumption. They have a low noise operation.

  • BRM Combined Filter

    Replacement filters for BRM Extractors

  • BRM Pre-Filters

    Replacement filters for BRM Extractors

  • CO2 Laser lens

    Our lenses come from the world leaders in CO2 laser optics; II-VI INFRARED.
    20mm diameter.

    This lens is specially made for the FabCore.

  • Combined Filter (FabCreator)

    Replacement filters for the Fabfilter

  • FabCreator FabCore

    With all the Core essentials for a great laser cutter, the FabCore is the first plug and play machine from FabCreator – a Dutch based company. We believe it to be the perfect match for hobbyists, schools and freelancers looking to step into the world of laser cutting.
    While in the hobby class of laser cutter the FabCore is designed to …

  • Focus Lens

    If you are requiring extra fine engraving such as fonts below 8pts; we recommend the 1.5″ lens. A short focus lens has a smaller minimum spot size but spreads out more quickly after reaching the focus making them better for fine detail but not good for thick cutting. A long focus lens keeps the focus longer allowing for straighter edges …

  • FSLaser Muse CORE

    This kit includes everything to immediately get started with your Laser Cutter.

  • Honeycumb working table

    A honeycomb bed for CO2 laser machine is an optional component that can be used in combination with a CO2 laser. A honeycomb bed ensures that the workpiece is better supported compared to the knives that are supplied as standard. This makes the workpiece flatter and when small pieces are cut out, they remain in place instead of falling into …

  • MDF 3mm

    30 sheets of mdf 3mm sut to size